The boxing competitions shall be organised in accordance with the most recent AIBA Technical Rules and AOB Competition Rules of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) unless otherwise stated. In case of disagreement in the interpretation of these rules, the English text shall be regarded as authoritative.

All boxers participating in the 2020 FISU World University Championship must be borne between 01/01/1995 and 31/12/2001.

The programme and duration of competitions are fixed by the FISU in agreement with the Organising Committee and the CTI. The competitions shall last six (6) days and include individual events in the following weight categories:

  • Men’s competitions: 46 to 49 kg, 49 to 52 kg, 52 to 56 kg, 56 to 60 kg, 60 to 64 kg, 64 to 69kg, 69 to 75 kg, 75 to 81kg, 81 to 91kg, +91kg
  • Women’s competitions: 48kg to 51kg, 54kg to 57kg, 57kg to 60kg, 64kg to 69kg, 69kg to 75kg.

Each country is authorised to enter one (1) competitor for each weight category. Each boxer must have a valid AIBA medical record book.

Each country is authorised to enter a maximum of twenty one (21) participants: fifteen (15) athletes and six (6) officials.

Each delegation can have the following number of officials:

  • • 1 to 3 boxers: up to 4 officials
  • • 4 to 7 boxers: up to 5 officials
  • • 8 to 15 boxers: up to 6 officials

Countries shall declare their starters to the Technical Committee at the latest 24 hours before the General Weigh-In.

At the first General Technical Meeting, the Head of Delegation or his/her representative shall confirm and sign the official list of competitors accredited by the CIC.

The official draw shall follow AIBA regulations.

All International Technical Officials shall be appointed jointly by AIBA and FISU.

Pleas read offcial FISU Handbook


The championship will take place in the new hall of the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice. The hall is located very close (walking distance – c.a. 3 km / 7 minutes) to the hotel.



awf 3

Address: Mikołowska 72A st., 40-065 Katowice

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