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Katowice is the biggest city in the Silesia province (region in south of Poland). Till the end of the 20th century Katowice was mainly an industrial city with a lot of coal mines and steelworks. As a result of industrial restructuring most of these places have been closed, and now Katowice is known as a city of sport and culture.

Katowice with 300 thousands of inhabitants, is an important educational centre. There are 12 universities placed in the city including: University of Silesia, Medical University of Silesia, Silesian University of Technology, Academy of Music, University of Economics, Academy of Physical Education or Academy of Fine Arts altogether gathering almost 50 thousand of students.

This city is not only an educational centre, but also an important cultural centre. The city boasts numerous historical buildings, a theatre, a chamber orchestra, one of best sport venues in Poland - Spodek, and some famous music bands.

This region leads a very intense sport life. The city of Katowice has many sports teams in the first league of football, basketball, futsal and also great achievements in winter sports. Some of the Olympics, World and Europe Championships medallists or national team members live in the city.

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